- Independent illustrator and painter.
- Graduate in Fine Arts.
- Graduate in Psichology


I was born casually on a small island in the center of the Philippine archipelago,
during a stay of two years of my parents in that country, where my grandfathers
worked and resided for a long time, within a chapter of a familiar story
that begins when the Philippines yet was spanish colony.

From the age of one year I lived in the city of Granada,
which I consider my city.


I began to paint in childhood, perhaps fascinated by the paintings I
saw in some fascicles of the History of the Art
Which my older brother collected,
And whose front and back covers gave me.

My first paintings were oils on unprepared plywood.
From then on the painting called me permanently to her,
Giving me whenever I could. A monographic course of painting
In the then called "Escuela de Artes y Oficios" ended up doing me
Addicted to this continuous learning.

Came to the illustration from painting, I have practiced for many years.
I consider myself a wide field for creativity
and enjoy working and researching in this discipline.